Police warn of ‘grandparents’ scam

The Pulaski Police Department would like to warn the public, particularly the senior population, of a telephone scam targeting grandparents.

A person will call the grandparent, claiming to be their grandchild, informing them they have been in an accident and subsequently arrested in another country.  The person will beg the grandparent not to inform their parents, ask for bail money, and then have the grandparent speak with someone of authority (ex. Police, US Embassy).

This person will explain how to wire the money to them, and answer any questions the grandparent has.

We have had reports of the “grandparent scam” previously, but the latest reports seem to be more convincing and very sophisticated.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, please contact Pulaski Police Department at (540) 994-8680.

By authority of Officer M. Jennings