PSA issues details on new QR Codes used to access convenience centers

Pulaski County logoThe Pulaski County Public Service Authority this week issued the following information on the new QR Codes on utility bills, which will be required to use the convenience centers in the county.

  • Beginning July 17, 2023 all Full Volume Residential Garbage PSA Customers will be required to scan their QR Codes which is located at the top of your PSA bill in order to gain access to the drop sites
  • The QR Code is linked to the customer and a record will be kept on the number of times a customer uses the drop sites.
  • If you are a resident of Pulaski County you are required to have garbage account, if you currently do not have one please contact the PSA Billing Office at 540-674-8720.
  • The Convenience Centers are funded by residential collection fees only, commercial and low volume accounts are not allowed to use the convenience centers.
  • The PSA will have an assistant at the gate to help our customers as we implement this new process.
  • If you have a bill and your QR Code does not work, please contact the PSA Billing office to have the issue corrected.
  • If you do not have a PSA Residential Full Volume account you will not be allowed into the convenience centers.