Pulaski County Board of Supervisors to host crisis management for school based incidents class

Pulaski County new logo~ Pulaski County Emergency Management to Facilitate DHS Training on School Based Incidents as a Means of Enhancing Student Safety and Response Preparedness ~

  Pulaski County Board of Supervisors by way of the Pulaski County Emergency Management Department, will be hosting an AWR 148 Crisis Management for School Based Incidents in the Executive Training Room within the County Administration Building located at 143 3rd St. NW; Pulaski, VA, on October 14, 2022.  The list of attendees include principals and key administrators within our school division, local law enforcement and SRO’s, Emergency Management professionals, First Responders, County Administration and Administrators from various areas around the district.


“Student safety has and continues to be a top priority of the Board of Supervisors and is something they continue to support and encourage every way they can”, stated Jonathan D. Sweet, County Administrator.  “Hosting this event is just another example of their efforts to assist with the enhancement of our institutions’ preparedness for an array of possible incidents and emergencies we hope never occur in our community.”


The course will be provided tuition-free and be delivered by the University of Findlay and supported by the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium.  The framework partners rural law enforcement, first responders, and local school systems in an 8-hour Department of Homeland Security-approved course designed to educate law enforcement personnel, school administrators and staff on the elements that would allow for an effective response to school-based emergencies.  Topics covered include:  Introduction to Incident Planning and Preparedness; Proactive Threat Mitigation; Incident Response; Incident Recovery; Vulnerability Assessment; Threat Assessment Management; Incident Defusing and Debriefing; Parent Reunification; and Anniversaries, Memorials, and “Copy-Cats”.


We are thankful to be able to host this event and afford our agencies the training to better serve and protect our students here in Pulaski County and throughout the region”, stated Brad Wright, Emergencies Management Coordinator.  “This exercise also bolsters interagency cooperation and synergizes our collective resources for better preparedness and response if and when an incident may ever occur.”


Schools in small, rural and remote areas across the country account for almost 23% of the total student population (more than 11 million students).  Rural schools, law enforcement, and other emergency responders are sometimes limited in resources, thus it is imperative all key agencies effectively collaborate on planning, preparing, communicating, responding, and recovering from a school-based incident.