Pulaski County Industrial Development Authority changes name to Economic Development Authority

The Pulaski County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an amended ordinance following a public hearing at their April 23, 2018 Board meeting that officially changed the name of the Pulaski County Industrial Development Authority (IDA), to the Pulaski County Economic Development Authority (EDA). The purpose of the name change is to communicate better the Authority’s broadened role in supporting not only the County’s traditional industrial development efforts, but also new non-traditional economic development initiatives, projects and programming.

“The EDA and those we transact with will be better served with a name that more accurately reflects the scope of the Authority’s expanded focus,” stated Jon Wyatt, Chair of the Pulaski County EDA. “We have successfully emerged as Southwest Virginia’s center for international business and the New River Valley’s leader in advanced manufacturing, now it’s time we more comprehensively look at how we achieve our mission of fostering an environment for our business community and our citizens to be more economically prosperous.”

The Pulaski County EDA, in concert with the County’s Economic Development Department, is working creatively with partners such as the Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce, the NRV Workforce Development Area Consortium and others to expand its economic development activities. These ventures include strategic marketing, community engagement, workforce development, small business development, entrepreneurism, tourism, commercial and retail development, residential development and economic diversification.

“The EDA’s shifting focus is important to strengthening our existing industry, further diversifying our local economy, creating a more fertile environment for our small businesses, generating new opportunities for private developers, attracting new commercial and retail investments and giving entrepreneurs a needed spark,” stated Jonathan D. Sweet, County Administrator, Pulaski County. “This shift does not supplant the County’s traditional industrial recruitment efforts, but rather bolsters our ability to attract and secure world-class companies to the County that in turn affords our citizens gainful employment opportunities and grows our tax base.”

“The Board of Supervisors continues to be impressed by the EDA and our Economic Development Team, and we are appreciative they have chosen to evolve and expand their focus to fill the gaps we have identified as growth opportunities for Pulaski County,” stated Andy McCready, Chair, Pulaski County Board of Supervisors. “The tremendous success we enjoyed in 2017 with leading the state in economic development performance effectively provides the EDA with the momentum needed to make this shift and take our economic development program to the next-level.”

The Pulaski County Industrial Development Authority was originally created by ordinance adopted by the Pulaski County Board of Supervisors on September 26, 1967, pursuant to Chapter 49 of Title 15.2 of the Code of Virginia. The ordinance  was amended to change the name of the Authority pursuant to Sec. 15.2-4903 of the Code of Virginia.