Pulaski County Office of Economic Development wins the 2020 Creating Excellence Business Partnership Award

Pulaski County Office of Economic Development wins the 2020 Creating Excellence Business Partnership Award

~ Virginia Department of Education Selects Pulaski County for Region 7 Award ~


The Pulaski County Office of Economic Development has won the Creating Excellence in Business Partnership Award from the Virginia Department of Education. The Pulaski County Office of Economic Development has been selected as the Region 7 winner after being nominated for the award by Pulaski County Public Schools.

“This is a big honor and the award truly celebrates the relationship and partnership we have with our public schools and how we take a team approach in showcasing our great community, our many assets, and our exceptional people”, stated Jonathan D. Sweet, County Administrator.  “Economic Development is best played as a team sport and our Career and Technical Education Center plays a big role on our team. We value what the faculty and these students bring to the table and there is not a better way to convey to business prospects the quality and talents of our students than to first-hand exhibit it through their participation in our prospect visitation exercises and events.”

The award is presented annually to recognize exemplary programs and partnerships that promote excellence in career and technical education. The Pulaski County Office of Economic Development shares their community’s story with prospective businesses and industries, they highlight the Pulaski County High School’s Career and Technical Education Center and specifically, the many talented culinary arts students being taught and trained by Mrs. Norris. The PCHS-CTE Center and its culinary arts students are contracted to provide catering services for meals and receptions, and to demonstrate the quality of the education and training they receive. Students are ServSafe manager certified, they understand the value of providing quality dining experiences, gain valuable workplace experience and are part of the Team in selling Pulaski County to new businesses from around the world.

“We thank the Culinary Arts Department for their partnership with helping to recruit businesses to Pulaski County,” stated Michael Solomon, Director of Economic Development. “For the last three years, they have provided catering services and more importantly, they have demonstrated to those who are not from Pulaski County how wonderful our students, career and technical education center and our workforce are.”

The Pulaski County Economic Development Authority’s mission is dedicated to utilizing every resource available to provide the highest level of assistance to new and existing businesses and industries in order to encourage capital investments, diversify and stabilize the economy, retain and foster new employment opportunities and support an environment conducive for citizen prosperity.

The Pulaski County High School’s mission is committed to maximizing student achievement and share responsibility with families and the community to create an equitable learning environment that strives to develop all students into productive, responsible citizens and life-long learners.