Pulaski County tennis team drops two to Floyd County

cougar headPulaski County hosted Floyd County on Wednesday in a tennis double-header on the courts.

In the 4:30 match, Floyd defeated Pulaski 8-1.


  1. Camden Hite 8-1
  2. Aaron Bennet 4-8
  3. Mark Graham 2-8
  4. Eli Duke 1-8
  5. Ashton Paul 2-8
  6. Ethan Worley 4-8


  1. Camden/Aaron 8-8 5-7
  2. Mark/Ashton 0-8
  3. Eli/Jackson 2-8

In the 6 p.m. match, Floyd defeated Pulaski 7-2.


  1. Camden Hite 8-2
  2. Aaron Bennett 0-8
  3. Mark Graham 2-8
  4. Eli Duke 3-8
  5. Ethan Worley 1-8
  6. Jackson Rahlan 4-8


  1. Camden/Mark 8-2
  2. Aaron/Eli 2-8
  3. Ashton/Ethan 4-8

About the matches, Cougar coach Chad Graham said, “The best news of the long night for Pulaski County was that #1 Camden Hite showed he was the best tennis player on the court as he delivered

Floyd their first loss of the season. Camden won both of his singles

and a doubles match with Mark Graham all with the score of 8-2.

“The only tiebreaker of the night came in a #1 doubles match (and first

match of the day) in which Camden and #2 Aaron Bennett lost by two

points at 5-7.

“Other highlights were that newcomers #7 Jackson Rahlan

and #6 Ethan Worley as well as #2 Aaron Bennett were all able to get

four games out of their pro sets.

“After several tie-breakers and two 4-5 losses to Floyd last season, we were hopeful of a redeeming

victory on Tuesday, but were outmatched possibly due to match

experience. Similar to our outing last week against PH, Floyd had

played six matches before what was only our third match of the season.

“As maybe an intimidation tactic, the Floyd County team was discovered

on our home courts training as if they had been there all day while we

were just getting out of school (Note: Most away teams arrive about 30

minutes before the match is set to begin).

“My expectation is that the Floyd team will continue to get better as participation continues to

increase as we lose four seniors next year and will need new PCHS

athletes to step up to represent and compete for their county in


Pulaski County plays at Hidden Valley today (Thursday), weather permitting.