School Bus hits tree, no serious injuries


Patriot Publishing

At 7:08 Tuesday morning a call came into the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office informing them of a traffic accident involving a Pulaski County Public School bus travelling on Julia Simkins Road. No one was seriously injured in the wreck. Pulaski County Public Safety and the Hiwassee Volunteer Fire Department also responded to the accident.

According to the accident report, the school bus was driven by Dayna Phillips of Hiwassee and the only passenger on the bus was Mrs. Phillips grandson, who was not injured. The bus was traveling in the Hiwassee area on the hill immediately to the north of the Hoover Color plant, when one of its back wheels slipped off the road and onto the muddy shoulder. The bus then left the roadway and collided with a tree on the other side of the guardrail before coming to a strop.

Mrs. Phillips was treated for minor injuries but is expected to fully recover from the incident.

Pulaski County School Superintendent Rob Graham had this to say about the accident:

“As difficult and concerning it is to receive a call regarding a bus accident early in the morning, I am grateful for the immediate help provided by many organizations (PCPS transportation and maintenance department. EMS, Sheriff’s department, etc.) and concerned citizens who made great efforts to keep everyone involved safe and supported. Luckily no students were injured in the accident and our bus driver, who was taken to the hospital and released, only suffered minor injuries. We feel the bus drivers we have in PCPS are some of the best in the state if not the country and are confident in their ability to handle any and all situations always with the best interest of our students as a priority!”

The crash is currently being investigated by Deputy Hurley of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, but no charges have been filed.