Southern awarded Pulaski County Proud Scholarship

On behalf of the Pulaski County Commission on Children and Families, specifically Workgroup 3, I am pleased to recognize Emily Southern, a graduating senior at Pulaski County High School, as the recipient of our 2018 scholarship, in the amount of $500.00. The announcement was made during Monday’s senior awards assembly.

The annual “Pulaski County Proud” scholarship is available each spring and is open to interested seniors at Pulaski County High School. Students are asked to submit a typed essay of 750 words or less, explaining why they are “Pulaski County Proud.” All entries are reviewed by a committee of community leaders and volunteers. 

We believe Emily’s essay is a wonderful example of how young people should embrace the spirit of their community.

Mike Wade

Interim Facilitator for Workgroup 3

Emily’s essay follows:

                Pulaski County has always been my home. Since the day I was born in the Lewis Gale Hospital in Pulaski, my roots have been firmly entwined in the soil of Pulaski County. I’ve lived in this beautiful county for the over seventeen years that I’ve been alive and I wouldn’t have it any other way, Pulaski County is not just a county, it’s a home. It has an atmosphere that is absolutely gorgeous no matter which season it presides in. The soft, white snow that covers the Appalachian trees in winter, the beautiful blooms of spring flowers, the gorgeous green leaf-covered trees of summer, as well as the wide array of orange, yellow, and red leaves of fall makes Pulaski County the most alluring county in all of Virginia.

                Although the scenery of Pulaski County is utterly amazing, that’s not even the beginning of everything it encompasses. The aura it emanates is one of an extremely comforting community. Everyone is welcomed with open arms in Pulaski County, no matter what race or religion people are. The people of Pulaski County are the kindest anyone could ever meet. Whenever anyone is having a hard time, members of the community willingly volunteer to help that person with what he or she is struggling with. Being a member of many volunteer activities in Pulaski County myself, I can personally attest to the extreme generosity of members of my community. No one even hesitates to help when Pulaski County is in need and that’s the most beautiful thing about the county.

                One program that I have consistently volunteered with is the Blessing Box Program at First United Methodist Church in Pulaski. In this program, we fill boxes with canned goods, other food items, and Christmas books. We then drive all over the county to deliver the Christmas meals to people and families who would otherwise not be able to have one. Seeing how grateful people are when we offer them a Christmas meal will never cease to make my heart happy. Helping people in need in the community makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself that can change the whole county for the better. It’s programs like this that make me extremely proud to live in Pulaski County.

                One of the greatest things about Pulaski County is that is has the small town feel to it. Even though it’s a large county, everyone seems to know each other. When I go anywhere, I always run into people I know who are always willing to go out of their way to talk to me. I love that the county has a small feel because if it were a city, I could go anywhere and never see anyone I know. Small towns like ours help people make close relationships with people they meet in their everyday life. Having close relationships with people all over the county makes living in Pulaski comforting.

                The most interesting thing about Pulaski County to me is that no matter how far people go, they always find their way back. People leave the county all the time to go to college far away or even move far away; however, most of them come back to live in the hearty atmosphere of Pulaski. Even people who live in Pulaski County that commute to other counties for work say that it’s comforting to be back in the peacefulness of Pulaski County after a long day of work. Pulaski County is great because it welcomes people with open arms and a comforting home.

                To top off the greatness of Pulaski County is its amazing schools. Pulaski County Public Schools does an outstanding job of providing great educational opportunities to students of all financial statuses. It offers many dual and advanced placement classes so that students can have free college classes. It also allows many students to attend Southwest Virginia Governor’s School where students can take many college courses for free. The schools work extremely hard to give students enjoyable schooling experiences through assemblies, dances, sporting events, and more. When times are hard in Pulaski County, the schools offer shelter to those in need. For example, when a winter storm hit and took out almost all power in the county, Pulaski County Public Schools offered hot meals and showers to students. It’s things like this and many more that make me forever thankful for my home in Pulaski County, Virginia. I am, and always will be, “Pulaski County Proud.”