State Police prepared for incoming weather

A majority of Virginia will be impacted by the incoming winter storm beginning tonight (Feb. 17) through Thursday (Feb. 18) with snow, ice, freezing rain, and/or sleet. Southeast Virginia and the Hampton Roads region will mostly see rain that will be accompanied by flood watches. Yet, again, Virginia State Police is encouraging folks to hold off on traveling until conditions improve.
The Virginia State Police is prepared for the winter weather and all available troopers are on patrol in order to respond as quickly as possible to traffic crashes, emergencies and disabled motorists.
If you must travel during the storm:
– Know Before You Go! Before heading out, check Virginia road conditions at or download the VDOT 511 app.
– Clear ALL snow and ice from the roof, trunk, hood and windows of your vehicle – car, SUV, minivan, pickup truck, commercial vehicle – before you travel.
– Use your headlights – in rain AND snow.
– Drive for conditions – slow your speed and increase your traveling distance between the vehicle ahead of you.
– Buckle Up.
– Avoid distractions – put down the phone.
– Do not call 911 or #77 for road conditions.
Corinne N. Geller

Public Relations Director
Virginia State Police