Supervisors to re-focus 2021 Lead Through Service Scholarship in respons to COVID-19

Pulaski County’s Most Prestigious Scholarship to Focus on PCHS Student’s Contributions to the Community in Response to the Pandemic and Award $10,000.00 to a Graduating Senior

The Pulaski County Board of Supervisors has refocused this year’s Lead Through Service Scholarship to award two Pulaski County High School graduating seniors who have demonstrated leadership through serving their community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s top competitive scholarship will be in the amount of $10,000.00 and will consider what contributions, impacts, and efforts students have made to respond to and safely mitigate the effects COVID-19 has had on the physical, mental and/or financial health of the community. The Board will also be awarding a graduating senior a second place scholarship in the amount of $2,500.00.
“The priority of Pulaski County’s most prestigious scholarship continues to be the fostering of future local leaders and the bolstering of service to the community, but this year an emphasis will be given to students who have given of their time and talents to make a meaningful difference in this unique time of need,” stated Jonathan D. Sweet, County Administrator. “It’s not only important that we find ways to reward the contributions made in our community by these young leaders, but to raise awareness of how important their involvement is to the health and overall future of our County. We need all hands and hearts engaged to help bring this County through these challenging times, and this is why we are sincerely embracing our most valuable resource, our students.”
The competitive scholarships will be awarded to two graduating Pulaski County High School seniors who demonstrated leadership through serving his or her community during the COVID-19 pandemic and ultimately plans to continue to contribute to the community upon completion of their formal education. The applicants must have made meaningful contributions and brought about a positive impact in response to and mitigation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pulaski County and/or throughout the NRV from March 1, to December 30, 2020. The annual scholarships will be in the amount of $10,000.00 for first place and $2,500.00 for second place and both and can be utilized at any two- or four-year institution or technical degree program.
The annual competitive scholarship has been funded personally by each individual member of the Board of Supervisors as well as the County Administrator, Assistant County Administrator and certain County staff who share in this vision for leadership development. This year’s scholarships will be funded through the CARES Act. The members of the Board of Supervisors are as follows: Mr. Joseph Guthrie, Chair, Mr. Charles Bopp, Vice-Chair, Ms. Laura Walters, Mr. John Travis, and Mr. Dirk Compton. The County Administrator is Mr. Jonathan D. Sweet and the Assistant County Administrator is Mr. Anthony Akers.
The first Lead Through Service Scholarship was awarded to Ms. Breanna Lytton in 2019. Last year’s 2020 Lead Through Service Scholarship winner was Ms. Jaelyn Szerokman. This Year’s Lead Through Service Scholarship winners will likely be announced in the month of June, 2021.