Taking It To The Streets offering youths chance to see Eddie James in Galax

Let’s pack the busses with kids for Eddie James.

Taking It To The Streets Crusade, Event and Missions Center is called to the work and ministry of Jesus Christ, which He commanded in Mark 16:15. In order to fulfill His calling, we go, according to the Word of God, carrying ourselves as representatives of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Many times, we will venture out to different communities and whether it be preaching, singing, rendering aid, or attending a worship event, we welcome those who will come on board with us, sharing the love and the Word of Jesus.

We will be traveling to the Rock Worship  Center in Galax Va on August 1st to the Eddie James “We Win Conference” and are reaching out to the youth. We understand that times are hard and there are many who struggle financially, not being able to afford things that would benefit our lives greatly.

It would be our pleasure to offer 20 seats (tickets and meals) on our God given busses to 20 disadvantaged teenagers who would be interested in attending. This is an opportunity for the youth to experience the freedom of music and worship.

We will be taking names on a first come, first serve basis, so grab your seat on the bus before they’re gone.

We will be leaving at 4:00 pm from the ministry located at 235 N Jefferson Ave in Pulaski and return to the ministry after the event.

If you would like to sponsor one or more youth you can send your donation to Taking It To The Streets Ministries PO Box 30 Pulaski Va or by PayPal on our website at streets4god.com.

We look forward to watching Gods plan unfold for this ministry and we are anxious and ready to answer His call.

For more information please call 276-620-4293.