Town of Pulaski focusing on reviewing, enforcing ordinances to keep town clean, attractive

Pulaski, Virginia – Since the Town of Pulaski’s inception and incorporation, our leaders have had a strong desire to keep our community clean and attractive to both citizens and visitors. In order to further that goal, Town Council authorized the position of Code Enforcement Officer and hired Carla Hodge to fill that role in 2017. Ms. Hodge ensures that properties throughout the Town are in compliance with Town code and ordinances.
More recently, new Town leadership has put a large focus on reviewing ordinances that are intended to keep our Town clean and well-kept. Through this process some existing ordinances have been modified, such as the Inoperable Vehicles Ordinance, while new ordinances have been created, such as the Graffiti Ordinance. These updates and additions give our Code Enforcement Officer the tools needed to ensure code compliance is achieved Town-wide.
In regard to the Inoperable Vehicle Ordinance, Ms. Hodge continues to review reported inoperable vehicles across the Town and has made progress with approximately 185 vehicle owners to date. Any towing of inoperable vehicles is done entirely at the expense of the vehicle owner; there is no cost to the Town. One of the more notable compliance issues has stemmed from the vehicle site located on Route 11. When enforcement of this ordinance was executed relative to that site, the owner relocated the vehicles to 1601 Bob White Boulevard, which caused that site to be in violation of the ordinance as well. Last year, the Town began towing these inoperable vehicles as a result of their violation of Town Ordinance 38-141 (et seq). Unfortunately, the owner continues to return these inoperable vehicles back to the two mentioned sites leaving them outside and thus in continued violation of this ordinance. As with all situations where the Town becomes aware of violations, our Code Enforcement Officer will continue to review and engage with respective property owners to effect compliance with Town ordinances.
Our Code Enforcement Officer also continues to review violations of the Graffiti Ordinance Town-wide, and has made progress with 3 landowners. One violation has taken more time to resolve than others, but the Town will continue to work towards resolving this instance and others for the continued betterment of our community.
It’s important to note that the Town uses the proper legal means to address these issues across the entire community; no one individual or entity is singled out. For those that have successfully resolved violations of Town code, we appreciate their cooperation. We encourage all of our citizens to report any vehicles believed to be inoperable, any instances of graffiti, and any other code violations that they believe to be a detriment to the Town. Our citizens’ help is a vital part of community improvement and we want them to take pride in making Pulaski a cleaner, more appealing place to live and visit.