Town of Pulaski issues statement on Martin residence issue

The Town of Pulaski issued the following statement this morning:

Mr. Gary Martin has agreed to vacate and remove his residence from Town of Pulaski owned property. A hearing was held in the Pulaski County General District Court on February 3, 2021, relative to an Unlawful Detainer proceeding filed by the Town of Pulaski on January 6, 2021. Mr. Martin indicated he did not want to oppose the process by the Town of Pulaski, and was in the process of purchasing a local piece of property to relocate his residence. In addition, Mr. Martin’s admission of no willingness to oppose the process was preceded by a letter sent to Mr. Martin by the Town in November of 2020 giving him 30 days to obtain proof of rear access to the property he was interested in purchasing from the Town. After Pulaski Town Council received no communication from Mr. Martin regarding his plans in this matter, the Unlawful Detainer proceeding was filed.
The case was continued to March 17th, 2021 where the Court will be able to review the steps taken by Mr. Martin to ensure a timely resolution to the matter. It is expected Mr. Martin will own the new property and be able to share a preliminary, if not final, date scheduled for the transport of his manufactured home by that time.
Mr. Martin previously provided to Town Council a License entered into between him and the Town from 2007 which granted him the right to reside on the premises until 60 days after the end of his full time employment. Mr. Martin retired from full-time employment in 2016.