Town of Pulaski moves to reduce speeds coming into town

10 7 new speeds
New “Reduced Speed Ahead” signs were posted early today at the town limit on Route 99 – with a new 45 mph sign visible just ahead. (Mike Williams/The Patriot)

From the Town of Pulaski

The Town Council voted on September 6th to change the speed limit to 35 mph throughout the town.  Staff immediately met with VDOT officials to advise them of this decision and requested that VDOT reduce the speed in the county on Rt 11 north and south and Rt 99 as they approach the town limits.  VDOT agreed to a speed reduction and will be processing that change hopefully in the near future.

Effective tomorrow, October 5th ,  a reduction in speed sign  will be posted at the corporate limits with a new 45 mph starting 150 feet further.  A 35 mph zone will be implemented after a second 150 ft. The 45 mph signage will be replaced with the 35 mph as soon as VDOT makes its changes.

The speed limit throughout the town will be 35 mph unless otherwise posted as there are certain neighborhood streets and curves that are currently posted at 25 mph.

The town recognizes that this lower speed will take some time getting used to; however, the safety of our citizens is a priority.  Accident data supports these actions and we hope citizens will comply quickly.

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