Town of Pulaski to establish new drop site behind sheriff’s office


The Patriot

Residents of the Town of Pulaski will soon have available a new large item drop site – or convenience center as they’re also known – located in the town to replace the Dora Highway site.

Town Manager Darlene Burcham announced the move at Tuesday’s meeting of council.

“We had talked some months ago about hoping that we could move the convenience center to a more convenient location, and we are now able to accomplish that,” Burcham told council.

She announced that beginning January 2 the town’s new convenience center will be located at the former brush collection site at the end of Sheriff Frank D. Conner Drive behind the Sheriff’s Office.

“We will initially have the same hours and days of the previous facility, and there will be listed both in advance as well as posted there, what items can be collected and in what amounts. We will have a number of open containers in that facility that will be labeled so that people can bring in their items,” Burcham said.

“I have to unfortunately stress that this is a town site, not a county site so it will only be available to town residents. The easy way to do that at this point is just look to see if they have a town decal on their vehicle,” she said. Burcham stressed that the site attendant, who has already been hired, will also check someone’s ID should they not have a decal on their vehicle or if they use someone else’s vehicle to visit the site.

She noted that brush collection would also continue at the site as well.

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