Trucker convoy rolls through Pulaski County



Rhonda Carver (L) and Carrie Darnell (R) show their pride for America stating they just showed up to be patriots. Carver is the wife of a 20-year Army Veteran and daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. “I’m just proud of what the truckers stand for today. Darnell served 8-years in the Navy as an AG2, specializing in meteorology and oceanography. She said she is an avid supporter for American freedom for all Americans.


VFW Post 1184 Commander, Jim Ridpath (Center) and friends show support during the American Truckers Freedom Convoy, as it travels to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, March 5th.  Ridpath is flanked by Joe Shelton, Jr. of Dublin and Rick Burke of Pulaski, while Barry Ridpath waves and American flag in the background.  The trio agreed that the convoy represents American freedom and our God-given rights.  Barry Ridpath added, “If the truckers quit driving, we quit eating,” referring to the distribution by the truckers of food through the nation.

Elijah Flinchum (L) and his mother, Kelley Flinchum, show their patriotic support from the Draper I-81 overpass during the American Truckers Freedom Convoy on Saturday, March 5th. Elijah is a fourth-grader at Snowville Elementary School. They cheered on friends Sandy and Kenneth Wyatt who were riding in the convoy. Elijah said he was participating to support our country and our rights. He is concerned if his generation’s rights will be there when he grows up. (Danielle Reid/The Patriot)




Like many of the other patriots on Saturday, Lucie Kolar-Hess from Barren Springs, came out to show support for the Convoy, the country, freedom and the American Constitution. (Danielle Reid/The Patriot)

Several hundred trucks and vehicles drove in the American Truckers Freedom Convoy, as seen from the Draper I-81 overpass. Among the trucks were vehicles carrying individuals from the nursing profession, who were supporting the ban on mask mandates. (Danielle Reid/The Patriot)



Patriots waving flags to welcome the American Truckers Freedom Convoy that traveled through the NRV on Saturday, March 5th on their way to Washington, D.C. Approximately 100 individuals were cheering the truckers from the Draper overpass of I-81. (Danielle Reid/The Patriot)