Wade’s in Dublin announces it is closing

Wade’s Supermarket in Dublin is closing.

Assistant Manager Cindy Collins confirmed this afternoon that employees were told today the store located on Broad Street (Route 11) would be closing.

Collins attributed the closing to a “lack of sales.”

“We’re like a big convenience store any more.  Everyone wanting to shop for groceries goes to Walmart.  You don’t have people coming in loading their buggies down with groceries anymore here like they used to,” she said.

Collins said Walmart opened on Route 100 in Dublin “13 or 14 years ago.”

“I’m surprised that we’ve lasted as long as we have,” she added.

Wade’s was a favorite in the county for those who wanted deli items and fresh cut meats.

“About the only placed I know of that you can buy fresh cut meat around here now is at Hilly Haven up in Barren Springs,” Collins said.

Dublin’s Wade’s employs “40 or 50” people, according to Collins, who noted she has been at the store for 30 years. She said she doubted anyone would be able to transfer to the remaining Wade’s location – in Christiansburg – except possibly for the Dublin store manager.

Collins said Christiansburg has “twice the employees” of Dublin’s store, but the building is only about half the size.

“We just didn’t have the profit they (Christiansburg) has, so we’re the ones closing,” Collins said.

The closing of the Dublin store comes about two years after the Wade family shuttered the Radford store – their newest and most modern location. After sitting empty for some time, that location has now become the new home of the New River Community Services.

While Collins said employees were told of the closing today, there was no word as to when the doors would be locked.

“In Radford, it was about three weeks between the announcement it was closing and when the doors were locked,” she said.

Collins said she had been told to accept no new vendors or truck deliveries at the Dublin location.

According to Wade’s website, the company began operation in 1925 in Alum Ridge, Va. This typical country mercantile was owned and operated by Haden and Elinor Wade in this location and a subsequent location across the street until 1940. At that time, the Wades and their two children, Lowell and Freda, moved to Christiansburg leaving the management of Wade’s Store to Dennis Dulaney. Haden and Elinor pursued various business interests during the next ten years, among them operating a small restaurant and a furniture store. In 1950 the Wades returned to the grocery business with the opening of Wade’s Supermarket at 305 Roanoke Street in Christiansburg. This store was one of the first grocery stores in the area to carry a line of health and beauty aids, household hardware, AND soft goods — thus the name “Supermarket.” In 1961, the Wades sold their original store in Alum Ridge to Dennis Dulaney.

Wade’s Supermarket in Dublin was opened in 1962 by Mr. and Mrs. Wade and their son, Lowell. In 1968 the store in Christiansburg moved to it’s present location at 510 Roanoke Street, expanding its services to include a deli department.


By Mike Williams, The Patriot