58 From ACC Chosen in 2022 MLB Draft

GREENSBORO, N.C. (theACC.com) – Led by Georgia Tech’s eight selections, the Atlantic Coast Conference saw 58 players taken in the 2022 Major League Baseball Draft, which concluded Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Miami followed the Yellow Jackets with six players selected while Duke, Louisville, North Carolina and Virginia Tech each had five players chosen. Each of the ACC’s 14 teams had at least one player taken in this year’s 20-round draft.

The eight draft picks from Georgia Tech – which included first-round selection Kevin Parada at No. 11 overall by the New York Mets – are just two shy of the school record of 10 players drafted, which has been set on three previous occasions.

Miami’s six picks mark the most Hurricanes taken in the first 20 rounds since 2016.

Virginia Tech outfielder Gavin Cross was the first ACC player taken in this year’s draft, going ninth overall to the Kansas City Royals

This marked the 31st consecutive year that at least one ACC player has been selected in the opening round of the MLB Draft and the seventh straight year that the ACC has placed at least one draftee among the top 15 picks.

2022 MLB Draft Picks from the ACC
1/9 — Gavin Cross, Virginia Tech, OF, Kansas City Royals
1/11 — Kevin Parada, Georgia Tech, C, New York Mets
2/40 – Dalton Rushing, Louisville, C, Los Angeles Dodgers
2/42 – Max Wagner, Clemson, 3B, Baltimore Orioles
2/54 – Parker Messick, Florida State, LHP, Cleveland Guardians
CB2/68 – Tanner Schobel, Virginia Tech, SS, Minnesota Twins
CB2/70 – Chandler Simpson, Georgia Tech, SS, Tampa Bay Rays
3/82 – Nate Savino, Virginia, LHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
3/83 – Jack Branigan, Notre Dame, 3B, Pittsburgh Pirates
3/88 – Carson Palmquist, Miami, LHP, Colorado Rockies
3/91 – Henry Williams, Duke, RHP, San Diego Padres
3/94 – Bryce Hubbart, Florida State, LHP, Cincinnati Reds
4/112 – Marcus Johnson, Duke, RHP, Miami Marlins
4/122 – Alex McFarlane, Miami, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies
4/135 – Nick Biddison, Virginia Tech, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers
5/140 – Tres Gonzalez, Georgia Tech, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates
5/147 – Luke Gold, Boston College, 2B, Detroit Tigers
5/153 – Cade Hunter, Virginia Tech, C, Cincinnati Reds
5/166 – Liam Simon, Notre Dame, RHP, San Francisco Giants
6/172 – Jared Poland, Louisville, RHP, Miami Marlins
6/176 – Michael Prosecky, Louisville, LHP, Colorado Rockies
6/177 – Danny Serretti, North Carolina, SS, Detroit Tigers
6/183 – Zach Maxwell, Georgia Tech, RHP, Cincinnati Reds
6/186 – Josh Hood, NC State, SS, Seattle Mariners
6/191 – Eric Adler, Wake Forest, RHP, Chicago White Sox
7/205 – Mack Anglin, Clemson, RHP, Kansas City Royals
7/222 – Ben Metzinger, Louisville, 3B, Milwaukee Brewers
8/231 – Chance Huff, Georgia Tech, RHP, Washington Nationals
8/236 – Davis Palermo, North Carolina, RHP, Colorado Rockies
8/242 – Alex Rao, Notre Dame, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies
8/246 – Tatem Levins, Pitt, C, Seattle Mariners
9/261 – Maxwell Romero Jr., Miami, C, Washington Nationals
9/267 – Andrew Jenkins, Georgia Tech, 1B, Detroit Tigers
9/284 – Chris Villaman, NC State, LHP, Tampa Bay Rays
9/285 – Brandon Neecck, Virginia, LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers
10/295 – Levi Usher, Louisville, OF, Kansas City Royals
10/316 – John Michael Bertrand, Notre Dame, LHP, San Francisco Giants
11/341 – Jacob Burke, Miami, OF, Chicago White Sox
12/363 – Mason Pelio, Boston College, RHP, Cincinnati Reds
13/381 – Marquis Grissom Jr., Georgia Tech, RHP, Washington Nationals
13/390 – Graham Pauley, Duke, 3B, San Diego Padres
13/400 – Geoffrey Gilbert, Clemson, LHP, New York Yankees
13/405 – Chris Newell, Virginia, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers
15/458 – Michael Turconi, Wake Forest, SS, Toronto Blue Jays
15/461 – Billy Seidl, Duke, RHP, Chicago White Sox
15/463 – Joe Mancini, Boston College, RHP, Houston Astros
16/467 – Graham Firoved, Virginia Tech, RHP, Baltimore Orioles
16/472 – Brett Roberts, Florida State, IF, Miami Marlins
16/479 – Jimmy Loper, Duke, RHP, New York Mets
16/493 – Tim Borden II, Georgia Tech, SS Houston Astros
17/511 – Angel Zarate, North Carolina, OF, Cleveland Guardians
17/514 – Jake Garland, Miami, RHP, Oakland A’s
18/527 – Andrew Walters, Miami, RHP, Baltimore Orioles
18/538 – Max Gieg, Boston College, RHP, Los Angeles Angels
18/546 – Brandon Schaeffer, North Carolina, LHP, Seattle Mariners
20/598 – Brendan Tinsman, Wake Forest, C, Los Angeles Angels
20/601 – Shawn Rapp, North Carolina, LHP, Cleveland Guardians
20/614 – Matt Wyatt, Virginia, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays