Cougar netmen fall hard to Blacksburg, 9-0

cougar paw2023-04-11
Blacksburg @ Pulaski County

Results: Blacksburg defeated Pulaski 9-0

1. Camden Hite 2-6 3-6
2. Aaron Bennet 0-6 0-6
3. Mark Graham 0-6 0-6
4. Ashton Paul 0-6 0-6
5. Ethan Worley 1-6 1-6
6. Jackson Rahlan 1-6 0-6

1. Camden/Mark 1-8
2. Aaron/Ethan 3-8
3. Ashton/Jackson 2-8

Coach: Chad Graham

Austin Sink

Eli Duke

Next Match
PC @ Hidden Valley on 4/17

Coach's Comments
There was a rumor going around that Blacksburg was in a rebuilding
year after losing their long-tenured coach. This doesn't appear to be
the case. My prediction is that they won't lose many (if any) matches
as usual. The best match to watch will be when Christiansburg visits
Blacksburg on Tuesday. Blacksburg is always deep with talented players
that have trained for years. They traveled with at least a dozen
players that cheer more than most other teams (like it or hate it). So
Pulaski County's bright spots on Tuesday came when
first-time/first-year players #5 Ethan Worley (Freshman) and #6
Jackson Rahlan (Senior) were both able to win a game in their singles
matches. Jackson's dub came with an unexpected tight lob to the back
corner and a ton of hustle and effort. The low point of the match came
when #1 Camden Hite sprained his ankle after winning 3 games while he
was making a surge toward taking his singles match to a tiebreaker. We
hope for a speedy recovery in preparation for a long week in which we
have three matches next week. Hopefully, a successful
fundraiser will help us gain some much needed morale heading into the
second half of our season.