Facebook removes The Patriot from its platform

Patriot logo largeATTENTION: We are currently experiencing problems with our Facebook page. In the past week or so, Facebook has removed some of our content, mostly obituaries, because they say we are violating their Cybersecurity and Community Standards.

Our readers know we do not post things that could violate any community standard, and we couldn’t be violating cybersecurity standards as we post news to Facebook today the way we have for nearly 15 years.

Tuesday night, after posting another obituary from one of the local funeral homes, Facebook unpublished our page. At this time no one can see our page on Facebook.

We have asked Facebook to review their decision and to return our page to the platform. We don’t know how long that review will take.

In the meantime, please continue to visit this page (www.pcpatriot.com) for current news, sports, weather, obituaries and more.

Thank you!

The Patriot