Former Hoover Color plant closing in May

Patriot Publishing

The Oxerra Americas, Inc. plant in Hiwassee, formerly known as Hoover Color, is closing.

Burl Bowman, Operations and Technical Manager at the plant, located at 2170 Julia Simpkins Road, confirmed the news of the impending closing this week.

“Our parent company Oxerra Americas, Inc. is consolidating the manufacturing of natural iron oxides into its Augusta, GA facility,” Bowman said. “As such, Oxerra Americas is closing the Hiwassee facility (formerly Hoover Color). This was announced to the Hiwassee employees by the company CEO Kevin Miles January 23. The anticipated closing date is May 31st.”

Employees are being offered positions at the Augusta, GA facility, Bowman added.

“Virginia Works Programs here in Pulaski County has also scheduled a meeting time and place for employees to receive assistance during this time of transition.”

Bowman said the plant currently has 19 employees and operates two shifts, five days a week.

Bowman noted the plant has the distinction of being the longest, continuous running plant in Pulaski County, having begun in 1927.