Griffith speaks out against arms decision

H Morgan GriffithNinth District Rep. Morgan Griffith took to X – formerly Twitter – to express his displeasure with President Joe Biden’s decision to delay arms shipments to Israel.

“It is unconscionable that President Biden is holding up the arms shipment to Israel. It shows a clear lack of understanding of the situation on the ground and the threat Hamas poses to Israel,” Griffith wrote.

“Having recently been in the ‘Gaza envelope’ and talked to victims of the heinous Hamas October 7th attacks, and knowing that Hamas shelled Israel since 2007, it is clear that Hamas must be eliminated.

“Hamas has substantial military assets, troops and munitions, inside Rafah that Israel for self-defense reasons must neutralize.

“Israel has taken steps to try to alleviate harm to civilians and other noncombatants, and stands ready to assist with rebuilding a peaceful Gaza once Hamas is eliminated.

“For the life of me, I cannot understand why any supporter of the state of Israel could support the President’s actions,” Griffith closed.