School board to consider plan to address concerns on new policies

The Pulaski County School Board at their meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Pulaski County Middle School will be presented with a plan from School Superintendent Dr. Kevin Siers to address concerns that have been expressed regarding new policies for students.

Pulaski County Public Schools
Plan to Address Concerns that Have Been Expressed Regarding New Policies


  • We have designated a number of single use restrooms in each school. Parents can help their student identify these restrooms during their school’s open house.
  • These single use facilities will be available for use by any student with privacy concerns.
  • Adult visitors during the school day will be required to use the single use facilities closest to the office.
  • We have initiated the process to begin engineering work to determine what is needed to convert a full set of boys & girls restrooms at PCHS to multiple single use facilities.


Locker roomsLocker Rooms

  • Individual lockable changing stations have been installed in locker rooms at PCHS.
  • An individual changing room with restroom facilities will also be made available at PCHS & PCMS.









Requesting Alternate Assignments

  • Based on a parent’s written request, an alternate assignment that is equitable in scope and skill development will be given whenever materials or resources they find to be objectionable are to be used in class.
  • Parents should initiate a conversation with their child’s teacher during open house or near the beginning of the school year to discuss this issue and to determine the best and most effective way to communicate alternate assignment requests.
  • The only legal provision to “opt out” of any of the required curricula is with Family Life but PCPS will work with parents to the greatest extent possible through alternate assignments with areas not covered under this legal provision.
  • The Region VII virtual academy is available to all PCPS students as an option to in-person instruction. Virtual Academy students remain enrolled in PCPS and are eligible for participation in all extra and co-curricular activities as well as attending all school related events.