Sheriff’s Office conducts Texting While Driving enforcement effort

On Tuesday July 24, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office conducted a four-hour Texting While Driving Enforcement Effort, which yielded twelve violations, one wanted subject and a narcotics violation.

This four-hour effort was a test to see if it could be successful and to check for potential changes needed for future enforcement dates. With distracted driving complaints on the rise and one of the leading causative factors in motor vehicle crashes, we feel it is important to be creative and proactive in how we enforce these violations.

Distracted driving is a difficult violation to observe in a marked patrol vehicle so we placed observation officers in an unmarked vehicle who observed the violation then communicated with marked patrol units to stop the vehicle and confront the driver.

Distracted drivers are not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to their passengers and every motorist traveling on the roadways. If we can raise awareness to this alarming problem and get drivers to pay attention to the roads, the end result is a reduction in traffic crashes and traffic related fatalities.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office is asking drivers to Drop the Phone and Hold Life.