State Farm matching donations to American Red Cross

Disasters and emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, and the American Red Cross works around the clock to be there for you, your neighbors and community.
In a year where we’ve had to face record disasters and mounting challenges from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, being connected with our neighbors is more important than ever.
From January 11-15, State Farm® is matching donations to the American Red Cross- dollar for dollar – up to $100,000, helping your gift go twice as far! Money raised during this campaign will be used to provide:
  • A safe shelter for a family who has lost their home and belongings to fire, storm or other disaster.
  • Emergency financial assistance, health and mental health services, and recovery support for families affected by disaster.
  • Hot meals and snacks for people who don’t know where they’ll get their next meal in the aftermath of a disaster.
In 2020, State Farm donated nearly $2M in charitable grants to the American Red Cross to support disaster preparedness and response efforts across the country. These donations keep the Red Cross ready to safely respond to disasters at a moment’s notice.
To donate and ensure a dollar for dollar match from State Farm® up to $100,000, please visit