Students learn self-defense, abduction prevention during class sponsored by Pulaski Police Department

Jeffery Walke of Self Preservation, LLC demonstrates how to escape from duct tape restraints using the shoestring method. Walke and his volunteers conduct free quarterly classes for the public. “We are not just a business. We have a passion for protecting you, your family and your community,” he states. (Danielle Reid/The Patriot)


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Jeffery Walke and his associates from SCM Selfpreservation, LLC,  conducted a Self-Defense/Abduction Prevention, Escape and Evasion class last Saturday, April 23rd at the Central Gym in Pulaski.  The class was sponsored by the Pulaski Police Department during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

The free class was attended by 20 individuals of all ages who learned life-saving strategies to avoid abduction and tactics to defend themselves and escape, if detained and restrained by duct tape or zip ties.  His students for this class were taught the motto: “I refuse to be your victim.”

Sonia Ramsey, Town of Pulaski Police Department Community Resource Specialist, is assisted by Self Preservation’s partner Kenny Dalton in learning the way to escape duct tape restraints using the “pray” method. (Danielle Reid/The Patriot)

“We have a passion for protecting you, your family and our community.  This is not just a business to us,” Walke said, speaking of his team of volunteers.  Walke said that his organization holds a free self-defense class every quarter, but he will also work with schools, churches and businesses.

Walke, a former Marine, demonstrated innovative ways to escape capture and then encouraged the students as they practiced these escape methods.  He also shared valuable information about child abduction and trafficking.

“The way you get out of duct tape wrapped around your wrists is to pray,” stated Walke, as he showed them the effective movements to accomplish their release.

In showing how to escape from being physically attacked, Walke reminded, “If they can’t see, they can’t fight; If they can’t breathe, they can’t fight; and if they can’t walk, they can’t fight.  These were in reference to vulnerable places on an attacker’s body where the intended victim can strike and then escape.

Walke says his organization is a full-service personal protection school specializing in abduction prevention, escape and evasion training.  He and his associates prepare students from concealed carry to active shooter deterrence training and defense.  Corporations, churches and businesses have used his services for security consulting and training.   He also holds classes for teens and young adults – a must for today’s environment.

Self Preservation, LLC website is:  Jeffery Walke phone number is (540) 577-3953.


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Selina Blessing and Aaron Foster from the Pulaski County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office, attended Jeff Walke’s Self Defense, Abduction Prevention Class held Saturday, April 23rd at the Pulaski County Gym. (Danielle Reid/The Patriot)