Town of Pulaski to begin enforcing new speed limits on Monday

Pulaski logoBy MIKE WILLIAMS

The Patriot

Effective Monday, Nov. 7 the nice runs out for speeders in the Town of Pulaski.

Town Manager Darlene Burcham announced at Tuesday’s meeting of Town Council that on the 7th Pulaski Police will resume normal speed enforcement in all areas of the town.

Burcham said it had been a month since speed limits on Route 11 and Route 99 coming into the town had been reduced to 35 mph.

A statement on Facebook from the police department says since the speed limit changes took effect, several steps have been taken by the town to help remind motorists of the new speeds.

“These actions included parking unmanned police vehicles on the roads where the limit was reduced, ensuring adequate signage, placing orange marker flags on the speed limit signs, social media posts, and most recently, a grace period of only written warnings for most speeding infractions,” the statement says.

“While most drivers have been respectful of the reduced speeds, the Police Department has had to issue several reckless driving tickets, one of which was for 79 mph in a 35 mph zone.”

Burcham told council that while many people are slowing down and observing the new speed limits, others are just racing by.

“I get complaints from people about those that are speeding by,” she added.

She assured council that the intent of the new speeds is not to be able to write speeding tickets.

“I don’t know why people think there is a lot of money to be made in writing tickets. We just want people to be safe,” she stated.

Councilman Jamie Radcliffe said he didn’t see what the fuss was about.

“I visit a lot of towns, and I haven’t been in a town yet that wasn’t 35 mph,” he said. “You come off I-81 going into Wytheville, you better be at 35 at that sign or that black and white is going to get you. You go anywhere in Radford you better be at 35. Christiansburg, Blacksburg … everywhere I’ve gone it’s 35. We’re not the only ones.”