Voters go to the polls Tuesday

Vote clipartBy MIKE WILLIAMS

The Patriot

Tuesday is Election Day in Pulaski County and across the Commonwealth.

On the state level, voters will elect new members of the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate.

Locally, all Constitutional offices will be decided, as well as all five seats on both the Board of Supervisors and School Board.

Some offices are already set.  Treasurer Melinda Worrell, a Democrat; Commissioner of the Revenue Kim Matthews, Commonwealth’s Attorney Justin Griffith and Sheriff Mike Worrell, all three Republicans face no opposition this year.

In the race for Circuit Court Clerk, Democrat Terri Nicewander-Hager and Republican Spencer Rygas are vying to replace current clerk, Maetta Crewe.

Four of five members of the Board of Supervisors face no opposition this year.  Republicans Mike Mooney (Massie District), Dirk Compton (Draper District), Jeff Reeves (Robinson District) and Laura Walters (Ingles District) are running unopposed. All are Republicans.

The lone supervisor race is in Cloyd District with incumbent Chris Stafford, an independent being challenged by Andy Cullip, a Republican.

Voters in Massie District should be aware that when they see their ballot, they will note that Mooney is opposed by William Hensley, a Democrat. Hensley is no longer a candidate as he withdrew from the race. However, his withdrawal came too late to be removed from the ballot.

The school board election has races in all five districts.

In Massie District, incumbent Beckie Worrell Cox is opposed by Josh Taylor. In Ingles District, incumbent Penny Golden is opposed by Gina Paine. In Robinson District, incumbent Dr. Paige Cash is opposed by Sabrina Smith Cox. In Draper District, incumbent Timothy Hurst is opposed by Billy Williams, Jr.

In Cloyd District, incumbent board member Bill Benson ended his campaign early in the race after two other candidates came forward to seek the seat. Vying for the Cloyd seat on the board are Aaron Carr and Jacob Price.

One other race, for Soil and Water Conservation Director – Skyline District – has George Hudson and Lewis A. “Andy” Pratt as candidates.

Pulaski County’s two members of the House of Delegates are unopposed this year – incumbent Jason Ballard in the 42nd District and Jonathan “Jed” Arnold in the 46th District. Both are Republicans.

In the 5th State Senate District that includes Pulaski County, incumbent Travis Hackworth, a Republican is opposed by challenger, Robert Beckman, a Democrat.

Pulaski County has 23,662 people registered to vote in this year’s election, according to Leann Phillips, Director of Elections.

Phillips reported Thursday morning that 1,564 people had so far voted early in the election.  She added that her office at 87 Commerce Street in Pulaski would be open on Saturday in the final day of early voting.  Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

She said her office had sent out 1,084 absentee ballots by mail and, as of Thursday, 731 had been received back by her office.

Polls on Tuesday will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and voters are reminded to bring an ID to the polls.  ID requirements have not changed since last year’s election.

“I would like to remind voters that redistricting took place last year.  If they have any questions regarding their districts or precinct information, to please call our office at 540-980-2111. We are happy to help voters with these details, so they can educate themselves before going to the polls,” Phillips said.

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