Baby girl born along I-81 off-ramp doing well, heading home

The definition of a hero is “a man distinguished by exceptional courage or fortitude.”  Most would agree that, without professional training, assisting with the delivery of a human baby while parked at an off-ramp of I-81 would qualify for heroism.  Bobby Carter will undoubtedly be seen as a hero to his family and newborn daughter.

While cars were whizzing past, oblivious to the imminent circumstances, the miracle of bringing a new life into the family was taking place.

Baby Alyssa Reign Carter was born in the front seat of a white Cadillac at 8:07 pm on Sunday, October 7, 2018; delivered by her daddy and assisted by Pulaski County Deputy Rose Farris.

Earlier in the day, the baby’s mother, Nilsa York, had experienced unusual pain and contacted her physician.  Because the baby wasn’t due for several more weeks, she was advised to lay down, relax, take a warm bath, etc.  But when the pains continued, they were advised to go to her doctor’s office in Radford.

“Our two-year-old daughter, Lexi, must have known something we didn’t.  All day Lexi kept kissing and patting her mommy’s tummy and saying, ‘baby’s coming,’” stated Carter.

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Two-year-old big sister, Lexi Jade, and Bobby Carter visit newborn baby Alyssa at her Pediatric Room in Carilion New River Valley Medical Center. “Lexi must have known something we didn’t. The day Alyssa was born, Lexi kept kissing and patting her mommy’s tummy and saying, ‘baby’s coming,’” stated Carter.

It was on the way from their home in Wytheville to Radford that Baby Alyssa decided she wasn’t going to wait.  Nilsa’s water broke about the time the couple got to Exit 92, so they pulled off the Interstate and called 911 for assistance.

A short time later, Deputy Farris and Sgt. Nelson arrived on the scene; and Farris began to assist with the delivery.  According to Carter it was quite an emotional moment. “I caught baby Alyssa as she was born, wrapped her in a blanket and placed her on her mommy’s stomach,” he said.

The first REMSI Ambulance arrived on the scene about three minutes after the baby was born and administered oxygen to Alyssa.  Sgt. Nelson drove the five-pound eleven-ounce baby to Carilion New River Valley Medical Center in Radford in the first REMSI vehicle.  Nilsa was transported to the hospital a short time later in the second REMSI vehicle.

When asked about the adventure, Carter stated that it was a spiritual experience.  “If somebody does not believe in God and Jesus, after seeing this (baby being born), they would.”

Baby Alyssa is gaining weight and was expected to be released from the hospital to go home on this past Saturday.


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