County to consider eliminating decals

The Board of Supervisors is expected to hold a public hearing in February on the possibility of eliminating the use of county decals.

The consensus of opinion among supervisors meeting Monday night was to have County Attorney Tim Kirtner draw up a draft ordinance eliminating the decal prior to the public hearing.

While the county may eliminate the use of county decals, it will still collect a vehicle license fee on personal property tax tickets.

Pulaski County Treasurer Melinda Worrell and county staff recommended elimination of the decal.

According to Worrell, state inspection stickers issued this year will be placed in the corner of the windshield on the driver’s side rather than the center, so they don’t interfere with the workings of new technologies found in today’s new vehicles.

This change will require the county to buy thousands of new decals that would be placed next to the inspection stickers in the new location.

While considering the elimination of the county decal, Worrell learned that only 12 of 133 counties and cities in Virginia – including Pulaski County – still use a windshield decal.

It was noted that Pulaski County Sheriff Mike Worrell also supports the proposal.

One issue with eliminating the decal is how to handle access to the county’s large item drop-sites, which are accessible to county residents only.

Attendants at these sites in Pulaski (Dora Highway), Dublin (Bagging Plant Road) and Fairlawn (Mason Street) use the decals to identify county residents.

One suggestion is to use a Public Service Authority bill or a card or ticket to identify county citizens.

Supervisors Chairman Andy McCready noted Henry County uses a simple decal with only an “HC” on it to identify county residents at their drop-sites. The sticker is not connected to any tax account or particular vehicle.