County unveils Fairlawn Community Park

Pulaski County logoCounty Officially Names Fairlawn Community Park after Improvements Complete


Pulaski County proudly introduces a new name to a longstanding but recently improved community park. Previously known under several local names, including Old Riverlawn Elementary, this beloved community asset will now be forever known as the ‘Fairlawn Community Park.’


With much feedback from the community, County leaders set out to commemorate the recent investments in upgrades, and officially name this improved public recreation asset. The Fairlawn Community Park appropriately reflects its location, purpose and the significance to the community,” says Parks & Recreation Director, Shay Dunnigan. “It’s important that the facility is officially named, and we are confident that it will continue to be a destination where people of all ages come together to play, relax, and enjoy the outdoors.”

The park, located at 6671 Riverlawn Court in Fairlawn, offers newly refreshed basketball and pickleball courts, as well as a community playground and walking trails. It now features appropriate road signage consistent with other county park facilities reflecting its newly official name. It is open and available for use daily, from sunrise to sunset, inviting residents and visitors to take full advantage of its recreational amenities.

“All of our County parks tend to be special places where community members gather to enjoy the outdoors, and by making significant improvements to the Fairlawn Community Park and officializing its name, we are ensuring that folks from Fairlawn have access to a quality recreation location

nearby,” stated Jonathan D. Sweet, County Administrator. “The Board of Supervisors deeply values recreation, health and the quality of life of Pulaski County citizens, and with great intentionality have continued to meaningfully invest in outdoor parks and recreation facilities throughout the County.”


Fairlawn Community Park sits adjacent to the Pulaski Community Youth Center as well as the future Smith Farm Park, which remains under development. The Smith Farm Park will offer a 5K trail, starting at the Fairlawn Community Park and running riverside to its conclusion at Sheffey Riverside Park, with future plans for shelters and other recreational amenities.


For more information about Fairlawn Community Park, please contact Pulaski County Parks & Recreation by calling 540.994.2587 or visiting our website at: