Friends of the Library Celebrate 45 Years

Friends PC Library
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When the COVID pandemic hit Pulaski County, it affected business and community organizations – sometimes to the point of suspending activity to temporary or permanent closings.

Carol Smith, President of the Friends of the Pulaski County Library, acknowledged that their organization was one of those affected.  The Board continued to meet on a quarterly basis to ensure continuity for when the pandemic was over.

The Friends of the Library is known in the NRV for its fundraising book sales, with the next one being scheduled for March 22nd at the Booksale Room in the apartment building across from the Pulaski Library.

“Like many other organizations, activities and membership dropped off during COVID, but we are continuing to add members during our current membership drive through April 11th,” Smith said.  “Our next membership meeting will be held on April 11th at 5:30 pm at the Free Memorial Library in Dublin. This will be the first full membership meeting, and will be celebrated during National Library Week.”  The event will be catered by Lindy Mann.

Local author, Donia Eley, will be presenting her new book “Growing Up on Orphanage Road:  The story of Doris Fields Bralley and Peggy Phillips Duncan.”   The book details, through oral interviews, what it’s like to be in an orphanage at Foster Falls; and how meaningful and enjoyable the girls’ lives were in that environment.   Attendees must be a member of the Friends of the Library to attend.

This year, the Pulaski County Friends of the Library will be celebrating their 45th year of service to the community.

According to Smith, the Friends of the Library has many programs to promote literacy.

“We have provided books for use in the local jails and other literacy programs in Pulaski County,” she said.  “We’ve sent books to people who are teaching children to read.  Recently we’ve sent books to teachers in Alaska.  We help pay for books used in the Summer Reading Program for local school age children.  These funds come from our Friends of the Library book sales.”

The Friends have received gracious endowments from family members, particularly the Betty Kegley Endowment and Ethel Flippin Endownment.

Becoming a member of the Pulaski County Friends of the Library is easy.  Simply pick up a form at either of the Pulaski or Dublin Libraries, fill out the application and pay the annual dues.  Membership dues are: $10.00 for a senior citizen, $12.50 for an individual adult, $15.00 for a family and $25.00 for a business.