General Assembly 2018: A look at some of this year’s oddball bills

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Here is a look at some of this session’s oddball bills and how they fared:
—Dogs in wineries: You could soon be able to bring your dog inside with you on your drinking adventure under legislation that passed both chambers by a wide margin. The bill says dog may be allowed inside breweries, wineries and distilleries as long as they’re not in areas used for food production.
—Cursing: Lawmakers opted not to eliminate the crime of profanely swearing or cursing in public. A bill from GOP Del. Michael Webert that would have done away with the crime currently punishable as a Class 4 misdemeanor died in committee.
—Fornicating: Lawmakers also chose not to repeal the crime of fornication, which bill sponsor Del. Mark Levine called outdated and silly. That measure, too, failed to advance out of committee.
—Raccoon hunting: Raccoon hunters, rejoice. The prohibition on hunting or killing the animals after 2 a.m. on Sunday is no more after Gov. Ralph Northam approved this bill sent to his desk with widespread support.
— State salamander: The red salamander has become Virginia’s official state salamander thanks to this bill .
— Boozy confections: Lawmakers signed off on creating a confectionary license that allows a person to sell treats infused with alcohol, but no more than 5 percent by volume.