Griffith Announces U.S. Service Academy Nominations; Pulaski County’s Grayson Covey nominated for U.S. Naval Academy

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement announcing the names of those receiving congressional nominations from his office to the United States Service Academies:

“One of my highest honors and privileges as a Congressman is to nominate a limited number of deserving young men and women to United States Service Academies. I am proud to recommend each of these students, and I commend them for their willingness to serve our nation, an honorable calling. Congratulations to the nominees – my best wishes for success in pursuing appointment to a service academy and in all your future endeavors.”

Ninth District Nominees*

United States Military Academy

Grace Turner – Montgomery County

United States Naval Academy 

Grayson Covey – Pulaski County 

Matthew Dean – Bristol

Tanner Hutton – Bristol

Connor Kinkema – Henry County

Helen “Lanie” Walsh – Martinsville

United States Air Force Academy

Matthew Dean – Bristol

Grace Hess – Washington County

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Andrew Caywood – Roanoke County

Connor Kinkema – Henry County

* In order to receive an appointment, nominees must meet all entrance requirements of the specific Academy. Nominees will be notified by the individual Academies upon appointment.