Griffith: Two men sentenced in child pornography cases

Griffith: Two men sentenced in child pornography cases

Pulaski County Commonwealth’s Attorney Justin L. Griffith released the following statement this afternoon:

Today (March 30, 2021), the Pulaski County Circuit Court sentenced Travis Doerzaph to over 13 years in the Virginia Department of Corrections for convictions related to child pornography. Last week, John Lynch was sentenced to 14 years in prison for similar charges. They also received over a combined 140 years in prison hanging over their heads when they are released. They are required and expected to fully comply with all the terms of the of their probation and sex offender registry. If they step out of line once, we will ask that they serve every last day of time hanging over their heads.

These types of charges are repulsive. They will never be tolerated in Pulaski County. There is no place in a free society for someone that is willing to have any involvement in child pornography. The people that view these videos live in the shadows but walk amongst us. It is the work of watch dog law enforcement agencies and local investigators on the ground that bring them to the light. Our office is grateful for them every day.


Justin L. Griffith

Pulaski County Commonwealth’s Attorney