Hackworth: Parent input sought on Senate Bill 275

From State Senator Travis Hackworth, 38th Senate District

Senator Bill DeSteph is sponsoring SB 275, which will be heard in Senate Ed & Health, Public Education subcommittee tomorrow afternoon.

SB 275 will allow more parental input into the materials being provided to their children at school.

Senator DeSteph asked that I forward the below information, in case my constituents would be interested in reaching out to committee members before tomorrow’s meeting.

  • Over the last several years it has been discovered that pornographic materials have been made available to children in some Virginia schools.
  • SB 275 puts parents at the forefront of making sure that their children are not exposed to harmful pornographic/grooming materials as defined by Virginia code § 18.2-374.4, Section B.
  • We must protect children and put parents in charge of the materials made available to their children.
  • This bill is NOT about banning books. Reading and access to books via our school system are extremely important to our students. However, we must ensure they are not exposed to harmful material.
  • This bill just provides parental consent. The same parental consent that is already required for field trips, participation in sports, for medication at school, to approve class schedules–including sex education, for masks & religious exemptions, and to view certain movies in class.

SB 275 will be heard in Senate Ed & Health, Public Education subcommittee after adjournment tomorrow. Sen DeSteph is looking for people to testify (in person) in the committee meeting in Richmond.  He is also requesting that people send emails to the Senators on the committee.  Members include:


Senator Mamie Locke (D):  District02@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Ghazala Hashmi (D):  District10@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Janet Howell (D):  District32@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Siobhan Dunnavant (R):  District12@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Mark Peake (R):  District22@senate.virginia.gov

In addition to the above, the Full Committee includes:

Senator Louise Lucas (Chair): District18@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Dick Saslaw:  District35@senate.virginia.go

Senator Steve Newman: District23@senate.virginia.gov

Senator George Barker: District39@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Chap Peterson District34@senate.virginia.gov

Senator John Cosgrove: District14@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Lynwood Lewis: District6@senate.virginia.gov

Senator David Suetterlein: District19@senate.virginia.gov

Senator John Edwards: District21@senate.virginia.gov

Senator Todd Pillion: District40@senate.virginia.gov