Hoe & Hope Garden Club, Poor Boys combine to bring color to train station

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Members of the Hoe and Hope Garden Club planting flowers at the historic Pulaski Train Station include (from left): Kay Williams, Nancy Bishop, Diana Bennett, Mary Beth Glenn and Paul Bennett. (Mike Williams/The Patriot)


The Patriot

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Poor Boys Produce and Plants’ Jamye Steger (left) and Shannon Collins deliver the colorful plants and flowers that brightened up the train station. (Mike Williams/The Patriot)

Members of the Hoe and Hope Garden Club in Pulaski recently contacted Pulaski Mayor Shannon Collins about the possibility of adding some floral color to the planters that surround the historic Pulaski Train Station.
Collins, one of the owners of Poor Boys Produce and Plants in Pulaski, responded.
It seems Poor Boys had some excess plants and flowers available that needed to be used, so he donated them to the train station effort.
This week, several members of Hoe and Hope went to work voluntarily to plant the colorful vegetation around the station.
Club members involved included Mary Beth Glenn, Diana and Paul Bennett, Nancy Bishop and Kay Williams.
Collins and Jamye Steger from Poor Boys delivered the plants. According to Collins, the Town of Pulaski will
provide watering service to help the flowers and plants thrive throughout the summer.
IMG 1872 rotatedIMG 1814According to Glenn, Hoe and Hope members gather each month on the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. If you are interested in joining the group, contact Glenn via email at marybethglenn@hotmail.com
Glenn said the addition of the flowers and plants will make the train station even more attractive to residents who attend the Marketplace on Tuesdays and the first Sundays of each month this summer – as well as visitors to the town who stop by.

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