Kaine to meet Tuesday with veterans, staff at Salem VA

On Tuesday, March 19, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine will visit the Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) to meet with veterans and receive a progress update from VA staff. In honor of Federal Employee Appreciation Week, Kaine will thank Salem VAMC employees for their hard work to care for Virginia’s veterans.

Kaine has been a leader in the Senate to ensure veterans receive good health care. He recently introduced the Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act, a bill that would allow VA doctors to discuss and potentially recommend medical marijuana to veterans in states that have established medical marijuana programs. He has also introduced legislation to improve veterans’ access to care, help Vietnam veterans harmed by Agent Orange, and address opioid overmedication by providing safer, more effective pain management services through the VA.

Tuesday, March 19

Kaine To Meet With Veterans, Staff at Salem VA Medical Center

10:20 AM

Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Building 2

1970 Roanoke Blvd

Salem, VA