One Bag Challenge Scholarship offered

PC SChools roundPulaski County School Board introduces scholarship for County Students

The Pulaski County School Board is aligning with the Board of Supervisors in an initiative to encourage community members to participate in clearing litter from roadways and waterways across the county. The “One Bag Challenge,” which began in 2023, garnered significant success, earning recognition with a Virginia Association of Counties Award. Notably, 237 participants engaged in the challenge, resulting in the collection of 849 bags of trash and 275 tires.

Participants could win a $100 VISA Gift Card by submitting photos of their trash collection efforts! For every filled trash bag, participants earn an entry into a monthly drawing. At their April, May, and June meetings, the Board of Supervisors and School Board will draw three names each.

Additionally, the School Board introduces the “One Bag Challenge Scholarship,” offering a $500 scholarship opportunity to a Pulaski County middle or high school student. To qualify for the scholarship, students must create a poster conveying information about littering and write a 750-1,000-word essay on the theme “How to End Littering in Your Community.” Submissions should be sent to with the subject line “One Bag Challenge Scholarship” by April 15. The scholarship recipient will be announced during the May School Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 14th.

Younger students also have a chance to participate in a coloring challenge.  A downloadable coloring page will be accessible at, inviting Pre-K to 5th-grade students to color the page and submit it along with their name, grade, and school to by April 15. Winners from each school will be chosen and announced at the May School Board Meeting.

Every school within the Pulaski County school system will participate in the Adopt a Spot program, pledging to maintain cleanliness around their school premises by clearing litter and trash. This initiative aims to showcase the students’ dedication in maintaining cleanliness, encouraging others to follow suit in proper waste disposal practices.

Furthermore, the New River Regional Landfill will offer educational sessions to schools and classes on litter management and recycling. Several field trips to the landfill are also scheduled.

Josh Taylor, chairman of the Pulaski County School Board, expressed “The Pulaski County School Board is excited to partner with the Board of Supervisors on the One Bag Challenge. This initiative epitomizes the essence of Pulaski County: a harmonious blend of service, collaboration, and civic pride.”