Parks and Rec announces waterpark update

From Pulaski County Parks and Recreation

We are excited to share an important update regarding the rebuild efforts of Randolph Park’s Evelyn
Alexander Waterpark facilities. As you know, we have been diligently working on plans to restore
and enhance this integral part of our community’s outdoor recreation. With recent developments and
new information now available, we are please d to provide you with the latest details on this project

Pulaski County RecreationThe key updates are as follows

1. Project Timeline The rebuilding process is set to commence late this summer/early fall and is
expected to be completed by May, 2025 . We have carefully planned the schedule to minimize
disruptions and ensure a smooth construction phase as we also replaster the interior of the pool

2. Design The new design will incorporate modern amenities while preserving the historic charm of
Randolph Park. Highlights includ e a more customer friendly centered facility that has improved
accessibility and a year around operational wing that will be more versatility utilized

3. Funding and Support We have successfully settled with our insurer, guaranteeing that the project
i s fully funded and will proceed without financial obstacles.

4. Community Involvement Your support has been invaluable over the last year. We will move
forward by providing monthly updates on all of our media outlets to keep everyone informed and
engag ed throughout the building process

We believe that the rebuilding of Evelyn Alexander Waterpark will not only restore a significant
landmark, but also enhance the overall vitality, attractiveness and enjoyment of our community. We
appreciate your continued patience and support as we undertake this transformative project

For more details and ongoing updates, please visit our website at or contact
us at 540.994.2587 or email .

Thank you for your continued support