Pulaski County Tourism partners with PCHS to honor community’s history, highlight attractions

Pulaski County new logoDue to social media, visitor centers everywhere have been experiencing declining visitors. After COVID visitors were further diminished. In Pulaski we went from 10,000 visitors a year to just 500, we knew something needed to be done to highlight all the county has to offer.

We decided to make an ode to our past with Pulaski Furniture and their iconic phone booths. Partnering with Pulaski County High School’s woodworking class taught by Christian Miller, Career and Technical Education Instructor, we were able to bring our ideas to life.

His classes have hand crafted four phone booths that are painted with our branded red. Inside will be a yellow book directory filled with QR codes for outdoor activities, hotels and restaurants in Pulaski County and the New River Valley. We are calling them Guiderys and they will be located in each sector of the Pulaski County community. Look for the Guiderys in the community at the end of May.

Pulaski County Tourism wanted to provide information while making it self-sustaining and easily accessible for community members and tourists.