Pulaski hires new Town Manager


Pulaski Council with new Town Manager (From left:) Greg East, Jeremy Clark, Brooks Dawson, Michael Reis, Todd Day (new Town Manager), Shannon Collins, Tyler Clontz and Jamie Radcliffe
Pulaski Council with new Town Manager (From left:) Greg East, Jeremy Clark, Brooks Dawson, Michael Reis, Todd Day (new Town Manager), Shannon Collins, Tyler Clontz and Jamie Radcliffe


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The Town of Pulaski has hired a new Town Manager.

At this week’s meeting, the Pulaski Town Council officially hired Todd Day as the new Town Manager. Day will start on Feb. 1, 2024. Until then, Darlene Burchum will remain as Pulaski’s Town Manager.

Day’s hire comes after a nationwide search conducted by the Berkeley Group, a consulting firm from Bridgewater, Virginia. Out of the five serious candidates interviewed in the four-month process, Bridgewater recommended Day and council voted unanimously to hire him.

Todd Day currently holds the position of Town Manager of Tazewell, Virginia but has given his 30-day notice.

Day holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from King University, a Bachelor’s

Degree in Civil Engineering Technology from Bluefield State College and an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Central Virginia Community College.

Todd Day worked as the Town of Bluefield Virginia’s Town Engineer/Public Works Director before assuming the role of Town Manager of Bluefield, Virginia, a position he held for several years.

In 2009, Day resigned from his position in Bluefield, Va and entered into the private sector.

“When I left Bluefield, I felt that I accomplished everything that I could,” said Day. “I went into the private sector for about 2 ½ years and then got into local government in Tazewell.”

Day’s deep southern accent is a result of his upbringing Appomattox, Virginia.

“Well, you should have heard it 20 years ago,” said Day with a chuckle. “People used to wear me out over that.”

Day has held the position of Town Manager of Tazewell for 11 years but seems eager to take on his new role in Pulaski.

I’m looking for a change,” said Day. “I’m looking for a new fresh start … a new opportunity. I’m humbled at the opportunity to be here, especially after a national search.”

Council members expressed their enthusiasm over the new hire, as well.

“Welcome Mr. Day,” said council member Jamie Radcliffe. “We’re going to hit the ground running with you. Mrs. Burchum has been one hell of a good Manager. I know you’re going to step right in there and go to town. So, welcome aboard!”

As Town Manager, Todd Day will receive a salary of $160,000 a year with standard benefits. Day will now start looking for a residence. His contract stipulates that he has one year to find a residence somewhere in the town.

Day’s employment contract with the town is for two years.

“I didn’t ask for an extended contract,” said Day. “This town is taking a chance on me and vice-versa, so I’m just glad to get this opportunity. Hopefully within a year I’ll earn my way into a three- or four-year contract.”

“I think our town is in the right place,” said Mayor Shannon Collins of the new hire. “It’s been left in the right place, so he’ll have an easier time. He’s got a much easier start than our last one and I think that we are going to move forward. I’m optimistic that better days are ahead and Pulaski is on the rise and we will be much better. We are ready, primed and ready to go.”

Two presentations were also held at Tuesday’s meeting of the Pulaski Town Council. Outdoor Facilities Coordinator Nate Repass outlined plans for turning a vacant lot at the corner of 6th Street and Washington Avenue into a park.

Additionally, Transportation Manager Monica Music updated the council on pending grant requests for Pulaski Area Transit.

In her manager’s report, Darlene Burcham announced that the Pulaski Jaycees had volunteered to provide hot chocolate for the town’s Christmas Parade. Burcham noted that the Pulaski Jaycees are celebrating their 75th Anniversary, which makes their chapter the oldest Jaycee organization in the state of Virginia.

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