Schools’ top ten capital improvement needs will cost $4.9 million

The top ten capital improvement needs facing the Pulaski County School System will require over $4.2 million to address. Add to that security and vehicle needs and the price grows to almost $4.9 million.

For the second straight year, the county’s School Board approved a resolution identifying the school system’s capital improvement priorities.

The resolution, approved unanimously Tuesday evening, breaks down the top ten needs of the school system’s buildings, plus the top security and vehicle needs.

“One thing we learned in going through the process of the referendum and building a new middle school was that citizens of Pulaski County were not very happy about how we take care of our schools,” stated School Board Chairman Tim Hurst.

“We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can every year to make citizens understand where our priorities are as well as the capital improvement needs of our schools,” Hurst continued.

Hurst said he had gone over the “top ten list” earlier in the day, and had thought then, “It would be nice if that were all there was – that that’s all we had.”

Hurst added that the top ten list is “certainly not a wish list.”

“A new roof is not on a wish list,” Hurst said. “If any of our roofs at home needed a repair, we’d repair them.”

Hurst noted that last year’s capital improvement list totaled a little over $3 million, and this year the amount has grown to almost $4.9 million.

“We want to make citizens aware of the needs at our school right now,” he said.

Topping this year’s list as priority No. 1 is the conversion of the Career and Technical Education from electric to natural gas with a price tag of $975,000.

The most expensive need on this year’s list is at Critzer Elementary School where the entire roof needs replacing at a projected cost of $1,365,000. It sits at No. 6 on the top ten list.

The 65,000 square foot is original to the building and is 44 years old. According to school officials the roof is in the worst condition in the school system. They note the project will include some engineering costs, which are included in the projected cost. However, if it is found that asbestos abatement is needed, the cost could rise another $50,000.

Here is the full list, along with security and vehicle needs:

1 – PCHS – Convert CTE from electric to gas: $975,000.00

This project would involve installing 2 new boilers in each penthouse as well as installing a new two pipe water loop system.

2 – PCHS – Partial replacement of exterior doors and hardware: $300,000.00

Current doors are original and are in constant need of repair so that they function correctly. This project will replace existing doors, door frames, and hardware.

3 – Dublin Elementary – Replace exterior doors and hardware: $85,000.00

There are approximately 30 doors in the old section that are original and are in need constant repair. This project will replace existing doors, door frames, and hardware.

4 – Dublin Elementary – Replace water supply plumbing in old sections: $85,000.00

Current galvanized piping has excessive buildup water pressure to multiple fixtures is compromised. In the event any asbestos abatement is needed, the price could rise by $20,000.

5 – PCHS – Replace roof over band and choir (A Section): $400,000.00

There have been several leaks and repairs that have taken place on this section of roof over the past year.

6 – Critzer Elementary – Replace entire roof: $1,365,000.00

The roof is approximately 65,000 sf. and is original to the building. This roof is currently in the worst condition in the PCPS system. This project will require some engineering those costs are included in the budget amount. In the event any asbestos abatement is needed, the cost could rise by $50,000.

7 – Snowville Elementary – Replace entire roof: $506,000.00

The roof is approximately 44,000 sf. It may be possible to replace the original section and omit the addition further investigation may be required.

8 – PCHS – Install roof top unit in kitchen: $150,000.00

The heating portion of this unit does not work. This project would also convert the unit from electric to gas.

9 – Dublin Elementary and Critzer Elementary – Pave parking lots: $85,000.00

Pave sections of current gravel parking and parent pick up loops at both schools.

10 – Southwest Virginia Governor’s School – Replace flat roof: $155,000.00

This roof is approximately 7,300 sf. It is the oldest roof in the PCPS system. In the event any asbestos abatement is needed, the price could rise $30,000.

ALL Security Upgrades: $250,000.00

This item stems from the security audits performed at each of our schools. We would request this amount annually to apply to the most pressing needs at identified schools.

Vehicles Needed

Replace buses and service vehicles: $310,000.00

This is for the replacement of 3 buses, which still leaves PCPS well behind in a 20-year replacement cycle. Another $90,000 is for 2 vehicles in maintenance.

Total: $4,856,000.00

The capital improvement resolution will be included as part of the School Board’s funding request when it goes over to the Board of Supervisors this spring.


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