State Police: Virginians urged to delay travel

With snow already falling across western and southwestern Virginia, motorists are advised to drive for conditions. As of 10 p.m. Tuesday (March 20), Virginia State Police troopers have been the busiest in the Department’s Salem Division with responding to 16 traffic crashes. The majority of the crashes involve only damage to vehicles and half of them are on Interstate 81. There have been no reported traffic fatalities related to the ongoing snowfall.

With this latest snowstorm forecasted to impact much of the Commonwealth overnight and into Wednesday (March 20), Virginians are encouraged to delay their travel. Fewer vehicles on the highways allow VDOT faster access and ability to treat and clear them. Virginia State Police troopers across Virginia will be stepping up patrols through the night and on into Wednesday as the winter weather impacts highways and travel conditions.

If you do have to travel, then please prepare in advance and keep the following travel safety tips in mind:

  • For road conditions, Virginians are reminded to use the VDOT 511 system. Please do not call 911 or #77 to ask about road conditions, as these are emergency numbers and need to remain open to emergency calls.
  • Make sure all windows and lights are clear of snow before heading out.
  • Always buckle up – driver and all passengers.
  • Drive distraction free – put down the phone and coffee, and keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
  • Slow speed for conditions.
  • Use headlights to increase your visibility and to help other drivers see you better.
  • Share the road responsibly with VDOT vehicles and emergency vehicles.