Supervisors to proclaim annual observance of “Pulaski County Proud Day”

The Pulaski County Board of Supervisors are expected to issue a proclamation for “Pulaski County Proud Day” at their meeting Monday night.

“Pulaski County Proud Day” will be an annual observance that coincides with the date the county was officially established back in 1839 – March 30. However, in order to give local businesses, schools and community organizations an opportunity to actively participate, the day will be celebrated this year on Friday, March 29. County residents, or those with ties to Pulaski County, are being asked to participate in a social media campaign on March 29 by posting photos or videos of themselves with “Pulaski County Proud” gear and explaining why they are proud of their community – and including the hashtag (#pulaskicountyproud).

“This is an extension of the ongoing ‘Pulaski County Proud’ campaign that was initiated several years ago as a project of one of the workgroups under the Pulaski County Commission on Children and Families,” explained Assistant County Administrator Anthony Akers, who sits on both the workgroup and the larger Commission. “The intent of the campaign is to focus on the positive aspects of our community – including our citizens.”

The campaign has an active Facebook page, which shares posts and links from various sources to promote “good news” and positive stories from throughout the county. As of this week, the Pulaski County Proud Facebook page has well over 1,400 followers. Over the years, the campaign has also developed a series of feature stories profiling county residents.

Akers pointed out that the workgroup has partnered with local businesses and organizations to make “Pulaski County Proud” t-shirts available to interested community members. Shirts are being sold for $5.00 each and funds raised will go back into the workgroup’s efforts to promote community pride. Locations where shirts are currently available include: the Pulaski and Dublin branches of the Pulaski County Library System, Martin’s Pharmacy in Pulaski, the Blue Ridge Fudge Lady in Pulaski, the YMCA, the Pulaski County Visitors Center in Dublin, and the Pulaski County administrative office. Other “Pulaski County Proud” items – including car magnets, stadium cups, and wristbands – are being handed out at various community events.

Monday night’s proclamation will help establish “Pulaski County Proud Day” as an annual observance. While this year’s focus will be on the social media campaign, Akers added that members of the workgroup hope to get input from county residents about potential activities for the future.

“We are grateful to have the support of the Board of Supervisors,” said Akers. “While many of us feel a sense of pride in our community on a regular basis, I believe we can all benefit from setting aside one day to truly focus on why we love this county so much.”

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