Taco Bell planned for Dublin; Wendy’s eyes re-location in Fairlawn

Changes are likely on the way in the restaurant lineup for area residents.

Dublin area residents considering their dining options might have a new choice in coming months if plans for a new Taco Bell are approved.

Plans have been submitted to Pulaski County’s Planning and Zoning Office for a new Taco Bell restaurant to be constructed along Cleburne Boulevard near the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store.

Also, plans are in the works for Wendy’s in Fairlawn to move from its present Route 11 location to a spot along Route 114.

Pulaski County Board of Supervisors approved an access easement request during their meeting Monday night that moves forward the re-location plans for the restaurant.

The proposed site of the new Wendy’s is the former SunTrust Bank location at 7370 Peppers Ferry Road, which has been closed since 2014.

The location lies at the intersection of Peppers Ferry Road and Belspring Road.

Discussion on the easement request Monday night centered on the potential for increased traffic volume on Belspring Road, which has been the object of discussion by the board previously.

One supervisor, Cloyd District’s Joe Guthrie has suggested in the past closing Belspring Road at its intersection with Route 11 due to motorists often exceeding the speed limit while using the roadway as a shortcut to Route 114.

He expressed concern Monday night that Wendy’s re-location might bring an increase in traffic on Belspring Road, which Guthrie described as part business, but mostly residential in nature.

According to 2017 traffic studies, the intersection of Belspring Road and Peppers Ferry Road sees approximately 3,000 vehicles per day. Traffic along Peppers Ferry Road in front of the proposed restaurant site was estimated at 20,000 vehicles per day.

In the end Monday night, the board voted unanimously to approve the easement request. Plans for the restaurant re-location must still be approved by both Pulaski County and the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Patriot Staff Report