Town of Pulaski, Vuhvanagon reach preliminary agreement on zoning violation charge

The Town of Pulaski released the following summary of a hearing Wednesday in Pulaski County General District Court in the case of the Town of Pulaski v. Vuhvanagon, LLC, Kevin Lindamood and Hannah Sponsberg.

The case involves an alleged zoning violation by Vuhvanagon on property along Lee Highway in Pulaski where dozens of Volkswagen vans are parked.

Town of Pulaski v. Vuhvanagon, LLC, Kevin Lindamood, Hannah Sponsberg

This matter was set in the Pulaski General District Court at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 2019. This was the first setting of the case. The parties came to a preliminary agreement on the charges rather than conducting a trial.

Vuhvanagon, LLC entered a Not Guilty Plea on the violation of Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Pulaski. A “stipulation of evidence” was made by counsel for Vuhvanagon to the Judge, meaning that in the event the Court were to hear the evidence in a trial that Vuhvanagon agrees that the Judge would find the evidence was sufficient to convict the business of the charge. As part of the Agreement that avoided the necessity of a trial, the parties ask the Judge to withhold the finding of guilt and imposition of potential fine until a subsequent court date of August 14, 2019.

The parties agreed to enter a Memorandum of Understanding to detail expectations of Vuhvanagon, LLC in bringing the “site” into compliance. The cooperation with and progress on the terms of said Memorandum will impact whether a conviction is entered on the case before the Court, but it does not change that Vuhvanagon conceded that the violation exists. The “site” involves a number of parcels with varied zoning, some of which are contiguous and some are not. The attorneys expect to immediately work with one another to formalize the Memorandum, general terms of which were discussed verbally in the moments prior to appearing before the Judge.

The Memorandum of Understanding will be provided as soon as available. This will help clarify the expectations and the timeline of compliance.

The charge against Kevin Lindamood was continued to the same August 14, 2019 date. The charge against Hannah Sponsberg was dismissed upon Agreement.