VEC issues statement on CARES ACT

The CARES Act has been passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. There are numerous provisions that affect the Unemployment Insurance Program. Workers who are not eligible under current state law such as gig economy workers, self-employed individuals, or workers paid by 1099 may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits under the CARES Act.

In order to comply with the new coverage and benefits provisions in the CARES Act, all states, including Virginia, will have to implement significant changes to computer systems in order to get payments to individuals. States are working with the United States Department of Labor and will implement changes as quickly as possible. The federal government is preparing to issue detailed guidance on how states should proceed in the near future. Once the federal government issues guidance, it will take some time to develop and implement changes. More information on these changes will be posted at as updates are available.

Virginia is working diligently on these changes and will continue to process unemployment insurance claims under existing state law. Furthermore, any additional benefit payments, such as the $600 supplement in the CARES Act, will be retroactive for eligible claimants as authorized by law.

More information on these changes and other important announcements will be made at