Wood cutting program at Randolph Park

The County of Pulaski is currently undergoing a mitigation program of trees in the woods of Randolph Park. The purpose of the program is to eliminate hazardous trees that pose a safety concern as well as make the wooded areas more user friendly for park patrons. During the month of March, the county will allow citizens to cut up or gather the downed trees in the designated areas in the woods at Randolph Park. No citizens will be allowed to cut down any standing trees but can cut up the wood previously dropped by the county.

Citizens that plan to participate in cutting or gathering wood from Randolph Park must do so within the set hours as well as sign a liability waiver form. The designated hours for gathering the wood is Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am till 5 pm. There may be an opportunity to cut the wood in the early evening hours or on a Saturday morning as approved by county staff.

For more information please call Randolph Park at 674-1513 ext. 2. All interested citizens must report to the park office, located at the pool facility, to be assigned a time and sign the waiver form.