Cougars fall to Hidden Valley in tennis, 6-3

cougar headPulaski County fell 6-3 Monday in tennis at Hidden Valley in Roanoke.

The Cougars’ singles matches went like this:

  1. Camden Hite 3-6 6-1 T10-8
  2. Aaron Bennet 0-6 2-6
  3. Mark Graham 6-6 T7-9 6-6 T2-7
  4. Eli Duke 0-6 2-6
  5. Ashton Paul 6-2 4-6 T10-4
  6. Ethan Worley 6-4 6-4

Doubles results for the Cougars were:

  1. Camden/Mark 2-8
  2. Aaron/Eli 7-9
  3. Ashton/Jackson 4-6 (DNF)

Coach Chad Graham had this to say after the match:

“The overall skill of a high school tennis team can vary a little between weeks. However, it can vary a ton between seasons. In the case of Hidden Valley, they will agree that they are in a rebuilding year.

Every year that I have coached PC against HV, we have left the courts after losing 0-9 or 1-8 in less time than it took to play one of our two 2+-hour singles matches on Monday. The overall match lasted over 4 hours even after ending the #3 doubles early.

“Mentionables go to #5 Ashton Paul getting his first singles victory after a third set tiebreaker, Pulaski’s #3 Mark Graham battling through two exhausting sets with tiebreakers, #6 Ethan Worley overcoming a two-hour match to get his second win, and #1 Camden Hite getting warmed up after losing the first set to comeback to win his 2nd set by 5 games and a 3rd-set tiebreaker by two points.

“I expect our May 2nd match to be even closer on our home courts, but hopefully not as long.”

The Cougars were scheduled to take on Salem on the road today.